Realization – Both sides of the political aisle are corrupt and the pot can’t call the kettle black.

Realization – Let the Jesus freaks be…it is all they have and our country was founded on Christian values and beliefs.

Realization – Nothing you read is truth when it comes to politics…it is always about spin.

Realization – Most pictures do not say a thousand words, they only say what the spin doctors want them to say.

Realization – Many statements concerning current and historical events are not true…nor are the rebuttals by other experts.

Realization – Take it with a grain of salt seems very important these days.

Realization – All reality is based on unreal thoughts and actions.

Realization – Time is short…hold the ones you love close for tomorrow we die.

Realization – Life is an illusion…we are all really dead.

Realization – To really live…one must die.

Realization – “You have to be crazy to keep you from going insane.”

Realization – Facebook is not a real place.

Realization – Twitter is a real place…an expert told me so.


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