Blind as a Bat


I was on Twitter yesterday and looked at my stats. I have 2,190 followers (which are not all that many compared to some) and realized I have no clue who they are. I follow 2,235 and have even less of a clue as to who they might be.

I post my blogs on Twitter and sometimes someone follows. I thank them for following and they become people I now follow. I then move on to Facebook and post the same blog to just a handful of Facebook friends. I know who they are because we all have been on Facebook since AOL dial-up days.

I promote my books on Twitter often, but not so much on Facebook. I know for a fact that I don’t sell many books on either site…or Amazon is not paying me my royalties. That is a whole other blog! The moral of this story is that selling books and social media do not mix well together. There has to be a better way.

Well, I have been blind as a bat following the social media trends. It’s time to go back to the basics. Remember the vacuum salesmen who used to knock on the doors to sell their wares? Perhaps you also remember the Fuller Brush man? I sure do remember and a good salesman always had Mom reaching for her purse.

Surely you remember the guy standing on the street corner twirling a sign around and dancing the jig all at the same time. I always look at the sign and wonder what the idiot holding it is selling. There, my friends, is the clue. I need to be that idiot with the sign.

I’m going to make a sign that stands out and wear some funky clothes (I thought about a clown outfit, but clowns are out of favor right now) that also stands out. I will pick a busy street corner in Cottonwood, Arizona, and learn how to be that idiot. I will use the bed of my truck as an office with displays one would use at a book signing. I have my cell phone set up to take credit cards, change for the cash customers and a local checks accepted sign.

I have an awning that I will install next to the tail gate to keep people out of the summer sun or rain and offer something free like cold water in the cooler or candy in a bowl – freebies are always a draw. Wifey can man the truck office while I practice being the idiot. She says it shouldn’t take much practice at all. The beautiful part is that there will be no rented space, no fees and overhead will be miniscule.

Talk about a marketing plan – it’s perfect!

I’m just saying,



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