Dear Facebook Land




I’m not sure if anyone notices when someone stops following someone else on Facebook – but just in case they do, I want to go on record that it isn’t personal. Rather than un-friend anyone (which I think is rude), I, instead, just opted out following them for the sake of my sanity. If you or your group has been ostracized by me, feel free to unfriend me and I promise not to take it personally…after all, it is your right to do so.

I have distanced myself from politicos and overzealous religious folks because I am going to stay positive even though I live in a very negative world. There are so many good folks on Facebook Land who can keep positive juices flowing without mixing it with blood, guts and gore. I like these people and I want to hang around with them.

Now if all of this makes me hypocritical in your eyes, then so be it. The fact that I don’t want to see deformed babies, mutilated animals and adults, political idiocy and just plain downright lies is my choice to make and I make it with free will and permanency. If I go to hell because I won’t re-post something about loving Jesus with five minutes – I will probably see you there. If I eat corn with GMO’s, fairy dust or anything else liberally sprinkled about – that is also my choice. If I fail to see a conspiracy in every little thing that happens on Earth – sue me.

There you have it in a nutshell; onward and forward with positive strokes for Facebook folks. Have a beautiful day, smile and be happy for tomorrow is not ours to hold.

I’m just saying,



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