Let the Evil begin


We all know how it feels to finish a job that has taken days and maybe even weeks to complete, but few know how it feels to finish a job that takes a year or more. Authors know, and I am here to tell you it feels so good to finish a novel.

As a murder mystery writer, living with mayhem, rape and plunder takes a toll on the human soul. Each character is real and the author lives each life to the bitter end. We go from being a hero to villain, then on to victim. When the good guy catches a bad guy we are happy. When a bad guy murders a good guy we live the murderous intent. Likewise when the victim dies, some of the author dies with them. It is a mental exercise in futility, because we finish one book just to start another and the process begins anew.

One might ask, “Why do you continue?” The answer is simple – we authors write, that is what we do. It is all we want to do…it is all we ever wanted to do. Like an addict, we crave the process of creating a story from nothing and no matter the genre, the process is the same. Start a sentence, then a paragraph and then on to a completed chapter. Chapters start to unfold into a story and when completed, the story is passed on to readers who crave the subject matter.

Therein lays the real magic. If the author has spun the web skillfully, the reader is trapped and cannot escape until the last page is read and the web releases them from a journey that they may not have wanted to take, but hell nor high water could keep them from making the trip. While the reader might be repulsed at some of the content, they cannot put the book down until they know every gory detail to the very end. And, adding insult to injury, the reader starts to crave more and waits with fingers tapping on the finished book for another installment to sedate their hunger.

While I sit here writing this blog, happy that my job is done and the murder mystery “The Phoenix Code” is in the wild, I now busy myself with a new project called, “Wired for Murder.” My mind is already teasing me with ideas of creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night. In my heart of hearts, I know this process will only end with my demise. Perhaps it is fitting; after all…I have been responsible for many deaths in the “Evil in the Mirror” trilogy.

Write on,




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