Aye Chihuahua!

Suzy and Taco

Suzy and Taco

I met my wife Sandy twenty-two years ago while working in Michigan and her one request (really a threat) was that I love her dogs. She had two Chihuahuas at the time and their names were Willie (after Willie Nelson) and Murray (after Anne Murray, except Murray the dog was a male…Oh, well). These little devil dogs come from the Mexican State of Chihuahua and live up to their fearless reputations. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with these little guys and my life has been blessed ever since.

When I was a boy being raised in San Marcos, California, we had dogs, but they were always outdoors and not allowed in the house. It did seem strange to my brother and me that our sister was allowed to have a cat indoors, but we knew Mom and Dad always loved her best. Her cat was a Siamese, which is another critter that has no fear and he would prove it by occasionally attacking the cleaning lady just for kicks by running up her back and down her front when she came into the house when we were not there.

The problem with outdoor dogs is that it is hard to become attached to them. Those were the days before computers, cell phones and the Web. We were always outside playing cowboys and Indians or some such thing. We didn’t have time to play with dogs or cats for that matter. As we grew up and started riding motorcycles and driving cars – girls were what we thought about 24/7…for sure no time for pets then.

Unfortunately this carried on into my adult life. I didn’t like dogs in the house, so therefore when I met girlfriends with dogs or cats, I didn’t appreciate them (the pets) like I should have. I had no idea that part of my soul was stagnant because I did not know the unconditional love of a dog. This unconditional love became a part of my being when I met my wife. My soul was restored whole and I became the man I should be.

We have had and lost six precious friends in the last twenty years, but their love and devotion will never fade from our memories. The two we have now are young and we hope to be with them for a long time. Taco and Suzy are our best friends and we think of them as our children. What a wonderful life we have sharing our good fortune with two of the best Chihuahuas on the planet.

I’m just saying,





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