Toxic Humans



We have been observing you and the planet you live on for thousands of years. We decided to explore your world because of its uniqueness and beauty. At first, you looked at our starships in amazement and turned us into gods with writings of good deeds, love and fellowship. You explained our visits with stone carvings and monuments using your everyday experiences to form our likeness per your perception of the world around you.

Yes, we were like sky gods sent from the heavens and we came in peace, but we soon learned of mankind’s inhumanity to man and the creatures who share your world. Even though Earth always demonstrated evolution through survival of the fittest; mankind showed traits of cruel and sadistic behaviors that surprised us. These incidences were localized at first and most of the planet lived as nature intended.

Wars between humans were not big and we were amused by the use of such primitive weapons. We were not amused at the wholesale slaughter of men, women and children who were sacrificed in our name. This behavior shocked us. We never asked that blood be spilled, human or otherwise, to honor us. What was being done dishonored us greatly and it became evident that we must stop interacting with human beings.

We decided to watch from a distance, for we were still interested to see how man’s great intelligence would be put to use. At this point we still had high hopes for planet Earth. Perhaps Earthlings could learn to put aside their differences and work together to form a world government that would represent justice, peace and love for all creatures that live on planet Earth.

We were wrong. The wars got bigger, weapons larger and more deadly, until the worst scenario happened. Man learned the secrets of the atom and built bombs that could destroy worlds. To make matters worse, man also learned how to replicate diseases that could destroy most living things on Earth. Also, while developing these weapons of mass destruction, humankind started depleting Earth’s resources at an alarming rate, while fouling the atmosphere at even a more alarming rate. From our vantage point in space, it has become evident that planet Earth is dying and mankind does not have the will or inclination to reverse the effects of its endeavors.

It is so sad to watch your beautiful blue planet turn brown with pollution and human waste. From our perspective the only cure for Earth is to have human beings become extinct so that the planet can heal itself. History teaches us that extinction comes when a species can no longer sustain what it needs to survive. Evolution also teaches us that only the strongest survive.

We now hold out hope for planet Earth’s insects, for they are truly strong and super intelligent in a communal way. After all, when mankind is gone, they will have left the perfect environment for the new order of life on Earth.

We are just saying….



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