Promotion Gold


Promotion Gold

I usually don’t like to suggest products, but this one is worth looking at if you are ready to promote your novel. It doesn’t matter if you are traditionally published or self-published; promotion is your responsibility unless your name is Stephen King, which it is not, because he wouldn’t be reading this blog in the first place.

A friend introduced me to the concept of sending inexpensive cards to everyone I know, might know or could know to promote the book once it is on Amazon. At first, I was not interested because I didn’t want to become a distributor just to get cards wholesale. It was a pleasant surprise to find out I could just pay a wholesale up-front fee and then be able to purchase the cards for 94 cents each, plus the postage cost. Have you tried buying a professional looking card in a store lately? You have to mortgage the ranch to afford them.

Send Out Cards is very reasonable and professional looking, as is the envelope. This is just one viable way to promote your novel. My publisher also recommends blogging, Twitter, Facebook and a Website. It’s a full-time job keeping all of these options up and running on a daily basis, but this is what it takes to get noticed in the real world! If being an author were easy, every Tom, Dick and Mary would be doing it and the quality would be dismal.

I wish all my author friends success and happiness…have a productive day,

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