Goodbye Dear Friend

Pickles 08 002

We sent Pickles to live at a bird rescue house in Flagstaff recently. Pickles was a birthday gift to my wife over eight years ago and he was supposed to bond to her, but he bonded to me instead. At first he was pleasant enough and ate food at the dinner table like a good little bird. He also took showers with me and we would sing and whistle together until the cows came home.

Pickles 001

Wifey was tasked to cut his wings and talons which was a harrowing ordeal each and every time. Yes, he is small, but that beak and those talons could inflict pain and misery and he did exactly that to the people he didn’t like…especially my daughter. She called him the Demon Bird from Hell because he took great pleasure in sneaking up on her as she sat on the living room floor when visiting and then he would bite her feet with obvious delight.

Pickles 08 003

Pickles is a small Meyers Parrot and cute as a bugs ear. He didn’t bite me and we could kiss, kiss and swap spit without reprisal. He would sit on my shoulder without my loss of ear lobes or neck skin – not so with jewelry. I love Pickles, but I love my wife more and with that being said, he bit the Momma one too many times!

Pickles 08 001

It got to the point where she couldn’t get him back in his cage and he would start pooping wherever and whenever he felt like it. I knew then that his time was going to be short living at our house. The last time he bit her caused mass quantities of bloodletting and I knew it would be my turn soon if couldn’t let him go.

The folks who took him in texted a picture of his new home and I was so impressed. His cage would be always open so he could get to the play station on top. It was a bird paradise and I could tell by the picture that he was happy. There were others of his kind to be with and he wouldn’t have the need to bite people anymore.

Pickles new home

Pickles new home

Live well and prosper little fellow…I will always love you.

I’m just saying,


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