You Ain’t Whistling Dixie”


For some reason I am thinking of the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales, no doubt the best movie that Clint Eastwood ever directed and starred in. I know, there will be some who disagree, but that’s OK with me…it’s just my opinion.

I can’t help but think about the Civil War in our country that pitted father against son and brother against brother in the bloodiest war in history up to that time. I am also reminded of the futility of war in general and the toll they take from the human heart and soul specifically. If you believe that our souls are connected in a collective consciousness – so too must you believe that murder and mayhem hurts us all not only externally, but more importantly, internally.

Two daunting questions have remained the same throughout the history of the planet Earth. Why must most things survive by the killing and eating of each other? Even man has succumbed to this rule in our past. Why must the strongest survive when the weak (just as alive and wanting to live) die so the best and strongest species survive?

Before the advent of instant communication and the Internet, these questions went mostly ignored except by scientists and historians. Today it is different; our children are now reading and leaning about the true nature of the planet which they live on. They are not confined to outdated textbooks designed to control the populous. I cannot imagine their horror when the realization hits them that everything in the universe is temporal and not everlasting as our forefathers would teach us. It is hard enough for me to believe and I am still trying to get a handle on the whole subject. What must our children be thinking in today’s information world?

One thing is for sure, without some kind of faith in mankind, suicide would be the norm. Without internal goodness, chaos would rule, and without love, we too would be like the insects that ravage and consume everything in their path.

Mankind is truly an enigma. On the one hand we are capable of incredible love and tolerance; while on the other, we are also capable of gross and horrifying evil. Could it be that we ourselves are not so far removed from a time when we lived in trees, eating anything and everything we could get our hands on?

I’m sorry, folks, but the old Garden of Eden theory does not work for me anymore. The only Garden of Eden is within our hearts, which is the place where our souls and Devine Love live. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” rings true and the Kingdom of Earth outside is waiting to perish as must all material things in our universe.

I most liked the part in the movie where Josey meets Ten Bears and they both know they have steel in their words of death, but instead agree that life is a much better solution, regardless of the pain and suffering both received from society at that time. They agreed to love one another and became blood brothers to seal the agreement.

I too believe in Devine Love, and no matter what this world throws at me, I will always believe that love conquers all. While we don’t have to cut our hands with knives and shake with blood dripping down into the soil, we can be blood brothers and sisters in spirit and let Devine Love fall down from the heavens to cleanse the Earth like the summer rains.

Write on,



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