The Ultimate Money Pit


facebook-addictThroughout my life I have experienced the ultimate money pits. Boats, classic cars, motorcycles and divorces are just a few. I have now officially experienced the “mother of all money pits” and I think beating this one is impossible. Self-publishing and promoting your own novels is now number one on my list.

I am sure you have heard that “repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different result is the sign of insanity. I am here to tell you that I have published not one, but three murder mystery novels and two self-help booklets, using the same techniques. Yes, I am insane five times over. Talk about throwing good money after bad – I am right up there in the ratings!

While the tone of this blog may sound negative, in many ways it is not. I know that I am not alone; there are literally millions of authors out there who are also insane with many who have beat my record. There is some comfort in knowing that. Also, the experience has been dramatic to say the least. I know much about what not to do when publishing a book, but I have yet to learn what to do.

What possesses authors to self-publish in the first place? Well, one thing is seeing your book cover and name on Amazon. You become a star and the more books on Amazon – the bigger the star. Another reason is book signings. Writing your name on a book just sold is a real ego builder. Just one signature is worth the price paid for having the party. Bragging rights on Facebook, Twitter and dozens of other Websites is another. Of course none of this really equates into becoming a best seller. Without a powerhouse traditional publisher, your chances are slim to none.

Speaking of power house traditional publishers…your chances of someone who is connected reading your manuscript are nil, zilch, nada, none – period. Unless you are filthy rich or know someone in the industry (if you know somebody, you are filthy rich), your manuscript is in file 14 immediately. Nowadays a rejection letter is rather a rare event. Usually you wait for eternity (it feels that way) for word from the publisher that never comes.

Well, my fellow insane self-published author friends, we are all in the same money pit. Let us stick together for moral support and build each other up with lies of success, money and fame. This exercise in futility is at least some consolation. I know we are all hooked on the same vision, so I will see you on Facebook or wherever.

Write on,



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