The Beginning


The time is near for the Earth to change again as it has many times before Homo sapiens started living on it. We all can feel the vibration of change coming like the subtle sounds of the ocean in a sea shell.

Our Mother Earth tires of our folly and even though she is tolerant, like any mother, she knows the value of discipline. “Spare the rod and spoil the child,” shall not be the case. All life that is greedy shall feel the rod and balance will return.

The super wealthy who claim to have worked hard for their riches shall be the first to understand that greed is not a virtue to be paraded around like a banner declaring greatness. Riches are to be shared with the less fortunate so that all men, women and children go to sleep with full bellies and happiness in their hearts.

All who would use the richness of the world for personal gain, and become unscrupulous in doing so, will also feel the rod, and their sadness shall be greater than most because during the cleansing, they will see what is hidden in their hearts. The view will be disturbing and disgusting because greed will have blinded them to the things of real value that life has to offer.

There is no fort or bunker strong enough to protect those who would seek to escape the coming dawn. The beginning of the new Earth shall be the end of the old one and everything cruel, unjust, unclean and unnatural shall be no more. The only thing left will be a new beginning and life will carry on in balance, as it should be.

This is not a time of sadness or fear for the billions of people who are living their lives the very best way they know how. People of faith, generosity, love and compassion shall join together in rejoicing at the rebirth of our beautiful blue planet. If part of the plan is our leaving Mother Earth, we shall all go to another more beautiful place where Devine Love rules and hatred, greed and bigotry have no home there.

The words written here are not from dogma, religion or man’s thinking. These words come from Devine Love that dwells in the hearts of all men. Anyone can tune in and feel the message stored there for all to see and hear. I proclaim these truths to be self-evident and not just from my heart, but from all the hearts and souls of those who have already heard and felt the message. We stand ready and willing for change and we welcome all who are willing to rejoice in the purifying of our dear Mother Earth.

Stand tall my friends – a great adventure awaits!

Write on,




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