Something Old – Something New


I have decided to throw out some of the old and add some new things to my life:

  1. If I can’t seem to ever really please someone…adios, muchacha!
  2. If conflict is not in your vocabulary…mi casa, su casa.
  3. If you are never wrong…adios, motherfo!
  4. If you can be wrong and I can be wrong, and we agree to disagree agreeably…I heart you.
  5. If your point of view is the only one viable…go suck an egg!
  6. If you can stand back and let someone else have a point of view without butting in with yours…I heart you.
  7. If you want my point of view, but insist on giving it to me…go suck yet another egg!
  8. If you are conservative or liberal, but no one really knows which…I heart you even more.
  9. If you are conservative or liberal, but there is only room for one and everyone else is full of crap…go take a leap at a rolling donut!
  10. If you are true to yourself without stepping on everyone’s toes while doing so…I can’t help but heart you.
  11. If your God is the only God…leave me and my God alone!
  12. If your faith is spiritual in nature and all religions are but other staircases to the same prize…I so very heart you.
  13. If you insist on being the center of the universe…it’s all yours, baby; I’m moving on the very edge where you can’t be seen or heard!
  14. If you care about every living thing on Earth…our hearts are one.
  15. If you think that animals slaughtered for human consumption is OK…bon appétit when all that is left are other humans!
  16. If you believe Mother Earth is fragile and needs protection…the whole world will heart you.
  17. If you believe Mother Nature is a myth…watch out when she kicks your sorry ass straight to Hell!
  18. If you believe all people have the capacity and right to love and be loved…we are heart partners.
  19. If you believe that only a select group or culture has the right to love or be loved…you are a racist and have no place in my heart!
  20. If you believe in Devine Love and genuinely strive to be a loving person…I will heart you forever.While I haven’t yet replaced all of the above bad habits with the good ones, you can bet I am trying each and every day to be the kind of person I know is possible for each and every one of us. Let’s walk in hand in hand to become more like the Devine Spirit that dwells inside our hearts and less of what dwells inside our minds.Write on,
  22. Mittster

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