Life Is Never Wasted


Someone recently told me that they thought their life was wasted and I replied “There is nothing wasted under the Sun. We all grow daily – if only minute by minute.”

We are indeed a curious species. We can readily help anyone who is in need, but still think our lives are wasted because we don’t live up to our own expectations. The problem is having expectations in the first place; expectations set you up for disappointment.

There is a big difference between expectations and goals. We all should have goals and included in those goals should be the constant desire to be a better person. Expectations are phantom desires that are like smoke. Without fire, the smoke disappears. Without passion in our lives, our smoke (expectations) evaporates in sadness, disappointment and depression.

I like to set goals, but I have no expectations for the outcome. I just try as hard as I can to reach my goals and if I fail, I pick myself up, dust myself off and get on with life knowing that I did my best. Doing your best is really all that is needed. Sometimes it is not good enough for others and their expectations concerning your efforts, but that is their problem to deal with. You did the very best you could and that is enough.

I find it very sad that we let past, present and future expectations dictate how we live our lives and we forget about today – this very moment. Now is all you have and you can indeed waste time. By living in the present and not worrying about things that are gone or haven’t happened yet, we begin to understand what is really important.

Right now, writing a blog that I hope will help someone become less apprehensive about life is how I chose to spend my present time. I am in the here and now and I don’t care about the past or the future until I finish writing and decide what I am going to have for breakfast. No expectations there my friends. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan for the future, it just means we should shed the expectations and insert hope and enthusiasm.

“Life is truly a box of chocolates,” and each day we unwrap another piece anticipating the taste and texture. I expect nothing, but I hope with enthusiasm that the piece will be coconut filled. If not, no worries – I will eat any kind of candy!

Write on,



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