e-Book Takeover

facebook-addictI am more confused than ever about how any author can survive the electronic book age. I became an author because I love to write and also because I wanted to see my work published in a medium that could be held, cherished and displayed in a library. My vision was of hot coffee, comfortable chair and the feel of a book in my hands with pages turning quickly as my mind raced with pictures of a world and life beyond my own. Instead, I now feel the cold, hard surface of an electronic reader with a $.99 download which may, but probably not, pay an author a few pennies if they are lucky.

I guess it is welcome to the 21st century while I am still stuck reading a book while sitting in a dusty library forgotten by time. The fireplace has gone out, and a chill makes me shiver as I look for reading companions who are long gone. My loneliness is only made worse by the realization that children will never know my pleasure and fond memories of what reading meant to generations past. But, that was a different time and it marches on without thought of past memories or experiences.

While I am not totally ignorant of the computer age, I still have a lot to learn about how to market novels in today’s electronic age. In fact, it is moving so fast that most will never catch up. For the life of me I don’t see how any author can make money in today’s world. For many, we are compelled to write and write we do without thought of riches and fame. I take comfort in knowing I am in great company.

I’m just saying,




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  1. The e-book revolution has made it possible for many of us to get our work read. In my case I was unknown and could not find an agent or a publisher. I don’t make a lot of money but the small royalties that I do get supplement my social security. And anybody that prices their books at 99 cents has no pride.

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