A Woman’s Work Is Never Done

imagesCAST9BQOSince my wife broke her ankle in two places, I have learned a great deal:

  1. Must feed dogs, bird and outdoor cats at appropriate time.
  2. Must pick up dog poo and change bird cage paper.
  3. Must do house work and dishes.
  4. Must cook all meals to order.
  5. Must do dishes.
  6. Must do housework cleaning (including, but not limited to toilets).
  7. Must do grocery shopping.
  8. Must change bandages on wife’s cuts and abrasions.
  9. Must sometimes help with wheelchair when it gets stuck trying to maneuver to restroom.
  10. Must help shower and dry wife while getting wet from head to toe.
  11. Must answer phone calls at night.
  12. Must also find time to do outside chores for our house, mother-in-law’s house and daughter’s house.
  13. Must fit in short Harley ride on Saturdays so I won’t completely lose my mind.
  14. I can’t even imagine what it would be like with small children.

Any man who thinks a women doesn’t work hard at home is a complete red-neck, male chauvinist pig, brain-dead or all three! Oh, wait a minute…I might be describing myself as a young man.

I’m just saying,




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