Monday Funday


After many decades in construction, the world-wide economy died suddenly in 2009 and I retired (forced). The decision to write murder mysteries was made easy because I couldn’t find a job nationwide. So I researched every avenue of becoming a published author. I made mistakes (which are always costly no matter your profession) until I felt comfortable with the genre and a publisher.

Now it was time to write a novel. While I didn’t know squat about how to write any kind of book, I learned that the murder mystery genre was always a good seller and I had read my fair share of great detective stories. I picked writing a trilogy based on a familiar locations and characters to minimize research and proceeded to change decent people I knew into sadistic killers. It was actually fun and I always change the names just enough to say out of trouble.

In 2009, Mondays changed for me. Instead of dreading that cursed day…I reveled in Mondays because I was ecstatic about what I was doing. No more dealing with nasty clients with more money than sense who thought the world revolved around them. No more watching money being spent on huge custom homes for just two people. Resources being squandered by the rich when so many are poor has always irked me no end.

Yes, I was forced to change my life, but change it I did. In my case the timing was perfect – I finally had the maturity, self-confidence and tools to do something I had always wanted. Turning Monday into Funday was an unexpected byproduct of that change.

I am proud to be called published author and the respect it represents to most people. Dirt bag construction worked just doesn’t have that special ring to it….

I’m just saying,



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