Mr. Flame to you!

Mr. Flame to you!

My name is Flame and fire is my game. If you piss me off, I will ignite your britches. So, listen up kindling…I am ghost writing for the Mittster now while he gallivants all over God’s green Earth on his Harley. Forget Ajax, he is and always has been a loser. On the other hand, I am a winner and I have the pictures of scorched humans to prove it. Any questions – I didn’t think so.

To the three or so people who read Mittster’s blog…I thank you. For the rest of you who do not, I would start forthwith and save the embarrassment of having to go to the emergency room with a torched hinny. I find Mittster funny and entertaining and you should too if you know what’s good for you.

You can think of his blogs from now on as enforced reading. Click on the site and save yourself an arse burning in the third degree! You can also think of this blog as indoctrination into some serious reading of total nonsense which is still better than you can get on TV, radio or the newspapers.

There you have it in a firestorm – right from the source. Make it so or die folks…read up while you still can!

I’m just telling you,




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