Dud Hurricane



Ajax here,,,,

Ajax here.

Somehow Mittster and Hoppy missed rush hour traffic in Phoenix coming back from Arrowhead Harley-Davidson. In fact, the traffic was lighter than anything in recent memory. They also missed any rain produce by the non-hurricane storm. Yes, there were clouds, but they kept the temperature down in the 90s – it was perfect riding weather.

Mittster said he wore his Harley rain gear on the way down to Phoenix and damn near roasted to death once he got off the mountain into the Valley of the Sun. The temperature variation never ceases to amaze him. humidity was sky-high, but it was bearable and nothing like memories of Michigan in the summer.

The hardest thing about the ride was not drooling on all the bikes at Arrowhead…especially the new Freewheeler trike!





Once the salesmen knew that Mittster was interested, they were all over him like flies on poop. I heard his wife say while he was gone that if he bought a new bike she was going change all the locks on the house and that he could buy a hammock and sleep on the damn thing. She also mentioned that it might be better for him if he rode the bike straight over to his son’s place in California and stay for the duration. Needless to say, Mittster did not buy a new bike – bravo, Dude. He does have a history in this kind of thing and wifey will not put up with it again. She has absolutely no sense of humor….

All is well that ends well in Mittster land. I for one like living here with Mittster and Sandy. I could do without the two dogs though… dammit, get off my leg bone you mangy mutts!

Just saying,






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