Hi, Ajax here…

Mittster and Hoppy are headed for Arrowhead Harley-Davidson in Phoenix this morning so the Hoppy can get some work done on his trike.



To the astute rider, it would seem unwise to ride when there is a hurricane in the Baja with Phoenix expecting nasty weather from its effects. Even though the storm is being downgraded to a tropical depression, all the moisture has got to fall somewhere. I would bet it will be right on top of these two idiots!

Their reasoning does make sense (sort of). When they go for the big ride in September, the weather could be even worse. By worse, I mean snow in the Colorado Rockies and torrential rain in Utah. Mittster was telling me about a ride he made with friends to Colorado while there was a hurricane ripping up the Baja, Mexico coast. One rider, Wendy Ferguson, managed to dump her bike in a nasty thunderstorm in Cortez, Colorado.

Cortez, Colorado

Cortez, Colorado

She dislocated her shoulder and did some damage to her 1200 Sportster. Good thing Mittster’s Bro was in a chase truck that year. It came in handy getting Wendy and her bike back to Sedona, Arizona.



The more one rides in inclement weather, the better prepared one will be on long rides – especially if you are riding the high country. You should expect snow in the passes and rain in the valleys. It’s just a fact of nature…”she’s out to get you if she is able!”


Personally I am thinking twice about sneaking a ride with these clowns over the Labor Day holiday. If I crash, it means bones all over the place. It happened to a relative of mine and the doctors never did get him put back correctly. To this day he has bones where they shouldn’t be and the he looks grotesque. Let’s face it, the dude looks like one big boner.

I’m just saying,



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