Ajax is no More


That’s gratitude for you; I woke up this morning and Ajax was gone and so is my Harley. All I can do is wait and see if the “bag of bones” brings my bike back. Crap, I also have to write my own blog…it’s a sad day in Camp Verde land.

This episode proves that you should never pick up a stranger panhandling in Sedona, Arizona. I should have known better – I deserve this for being stupid. Call the cops? How do you describe a skeleton wearing a suit riding a motorcycle?



He is probably hoping I will call the marshal (yes, we do have a marshal’s office in Camp Verde) on him. He would get to keep the bike while I rot in a mental institution.

One thing is for sure…he won’t get too far. The V-Rod only holds 3.7 gallons of gas and he has no money. Oh, wait a minute, I will be right back. Sum bitch…he took my casino money! Come to think of it, he loves the casino – I bet that is where he is at. I’m going to jump in the truck and go see if I can find him. I might as well stop by the bank and get some extra cash. You never know, the machines might be hot.

I’m just saying,





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