Animal Abuse Sucks!


Every time someone posts a picture of an abused animal on Facebook my heart breaks. While I think these pictures only further the agenda of the abusers, I do understand why some post them thinking it will somehow stop the horrible abuse. Unfortunately it won’t, because the sick folks who do this kind of thing are way past redemption.

As a murder mystery author, I felt it necessary to find out why people commit gross crimes against their fellow man in the first place. It didn’t take long to learn that many start with animal abuse and then move up to the big league. During my research, I almost changed my chosen genre and move on to science fiction. But…I was compelled to continue writing murder mysteries and by doing so, I was able to release deep and dark emotions that I had suppressed most of my life.

All humans are capable of horrible things and only compassion for all life keeps us from acting out on our dark side. I do find it interesting that while I gravitate to loving and kind people on Facebook during the day, I write sinister and deadly novels during the night. I must clarify this statement – I have not written a new book in almost a year and the books I have started are of a different genre. Perhaps I am a retired murder mystery author? I think I may have gotten the whole affair out of my system…only time will tell.

Write on,



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