Land of the Free


I want to apologize if I have offended anyone concerning my views on politicians and gun control. I have forgotten that our Constitution guarantees not only freedom of speech, but also freedom of being led down the path like sheep to the slaughter. How could I be so insensitive as to expect an ounce of smarts from the sheep who think everything is true coming from the mouths of the wolves that live in Washington D.C. and Hollywood?

Excuse me for trying to wake up the brain-dead, mushroom head lefties who cuddle in the dark thinking the bad guys can’t see them and that the government will save them. The bad guys not only see you, they depend on you to further their agendas and the government will not save you because they are too busy trying to save their own asses!

Oh, by the way, Republicans…you are no better off. The far right (as well as the left) is trying to disguise the fact that they all have the same agenda and that agenda spells MONEY! It’s all about greed and power, not people and Constitutional rights. Do you really think that the assault on the middle class by disarming and breaking their financial security is just hog wash? Think again, because all you have to do is study a little history to know that human existence is full of examples of what is happening in our country as I write.

I, for one, am not going easily in the night. You can also expect me to continue to express my views on not only these two subjects, but any other subject I see fit. All you have to do is not read my posts. Simple really…or are you also too brain-dead to know how to unfriend me.

Write on,



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