Johnson Went South


OK, I’m not as smart as I used to be. Age and gravity has pushed my brains from my Johnson to the bottom of my feet. How do I know this? Because I don’t think with it any more, that’s how. Which leaves other, very interesting possibilities; I seem to have something in my cranium that has taken over for what I thought was my brain.

Because my original brain is now in my feet and not thinking anymore, another miracle has happened. I seem to have wonderful feelings in my heart that were never there before. Feelings like compassion, happiness and love for my fellow man and woman. Between my new brain and heart, I now have a different perspective on life. Gone are the days of running around like a chicken with its head cut off worrying about trivial stuff like who likes me and who doesn’t. That kind of thing doesn’t matter because it’s not all about me anymore.

I know this whole issue is a guy thing and I find it amusing watching my male siblings go through the same trials and tribulations that I once experienced. Of course I can’t say anything to any of them, the urge is too strong and they too will have to wait for gravity and age to temper their lust and awaken their new brain and heart.

I hope I am around long enough to see the miracle happen to them also. I won’t be able to say, “I told you so,” but that’s OK – knowing they are finally learning what makes life precious is enough. The oldest boy seems to be seeing the light, the middle one is a sort of seeing it…while the youngest still thinks Johnson is his brain. They are in the three stages of life for a man. I can’t wait for them to reach the fourth stage where I live. The fifth stage is when you leave the planet with a whole bunch of explaining to do if you don’t ever reach the fourth stage.

I’m just saying,



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