Water: Life or Death

imagesCalifornia is in its worst drought in 500 years. Water rationing is in effect and it is going to get much, much worse before it gets any better! Thus scream the headlines on TV and newspapers everyday and of course everyone panics in the Golden State while praying that Governor Jerry Brown saves them. Someone forgot to tell them that Brown is not God.


Here is the kicker – how in the hell can you go without water with the Pacific Ocean at your doorstep? I left California in 1968 to move back to my home state of Arizona because I thought California was going to hell-in-a-hand-basket. Even then, there was talk of desalinization plants to hedge bets against draining the Colorado River dry, thus leaving Nevada and Arizona without water. California has been sucking up water faster than any state in the Union for decades.


When you stop and think about it, draining millions of gallons out of the ocean might just be a great idea whose time has come. The oceans are rising at an alarming rate. Would it not be better to spend money for drinking water plants than to rebuild all the coastal cities inland thirty miles or so? I remember the jokes when I lived there about California slipping off into the ocean when the big quake hits. They have it wrong…the ocean will rise 100 feet and it will only look like the cities fell into the sea. The result will be the same and I will finally be able to sell ocean front property in Arizona.


May I remind California and the Washington D.C. politicians that Israel has been drinking water from desalinization plants for decades? They knew right after becoming a state in 1948 that survival depended of a strong military and water. At least we got one right – now we need to use American know how and start building plants that will provide fresh water for Californians before they start moving here. We like to call this disaster, the Californication of Arizona.

I’m just saying,




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  1. That cracks me up. You live in a desert with millions of other people. Where does your water come from? Let me give you some advice. Get out and sell that house before it’s not worth a dime. The day will come when you will turn on your faucet and there will be no water coming out of it. Try and sell a house with no water. Get ready for the migration. Fracking takes 1.5 million gallons of water to frack for one day. And I don’t see anyone banning that. As a matter of fact I haven’t heard of anyone trying to make a difference in anyway. Do you own a Brita? Or are you drinking water surrounded by plastic while taking your rides to nowhere on your Harley. We all know that Harley’s are not environmentally friendly. That would be like me cutting down all my trees in my backyard and then complaining that I have no shade. Republicans don’t like regulations. So feel free to do what you want to your neighborhood. It’s a free for all. I’ll see you in 5 years. When you have destroyed the land don’t come knocking on New Englands door. We don’t frack, we conserve our water and we love our trees. We have regulations up the wazoo. We don’t like guns. And we will take them away from you. But we also don’t have the environmental problems you have. And we don’t have many unfortunate gun accidents. We like books not guns. And we like clean water and clean air. My advice would be to find a good red state that has clean air and water. Good luck in your search. And I will add, the Governor Brown doesn’t deserve any medals of honor. He is the worst democratic governor I have ever experienced. Millions of people are at the doorstep of huge life changing experiences. But hey, who cares as long as you can take the bike and travel the roads putting those healthy CO2’s in the air. It must be a breath of fresh air to have no regulations. A simple step would be to buy a Brita for God’s sake. End Nestle from sucking the life out of that state. How sad to see what is going on and how little the individual American is doing to take responsibility. The American way, it’s not me, I HAVE to do what I do. It’s the other guy. There are ton’s of you older white guys out there just loving your freedom. Well, use it all up attitude will get you exactly where you are going.

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