Constitutional Rights


Read the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, it will confirm why you should believe in the right to keep and bear arms. For those of you who believe that gun rights should be abolished, you need to understand the nature of the real threat to all United States citizens. When We The People lose our right to assemble and bear arms, we will lose all means to protect our families, homes and freedom. Never forget what happened to Native Americans after the Federal Government promised to protect them. We do not need that kind of protection!

How can anyone who watches world news not understand that citizens’ rights to bear arms and the mightiest military on the planet are the only things between us and those who would try to destroy our way of life? We have the largest private army in the world; this fact keeps many foreign adversaries from contemplating any kind of frontal attack. The only success they have had is through cowardly attacks of suicide bombers and indiscriminate slaughter. You only have to look to the Middle East to understand what happens when the people lose their rights to assemble and bear arms.

We are now being attacked from within by the very people we entrusted to run our Federal Government. The constant chipping away of our constitutional and financial rights is making the middle and poor class weak – thus leaving the majority vulnerable to the whims and fancies of the idle rich. Majority rule is no longer viable – we are being ruled by corruption and greed of the few.

For those politicians who think the right to bear arms should be abolished, I say this to each and every one of you. “Think again; the life we save may be your own!”

I’m just saying,



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  1. Give me one example of one politician that wants to take away your guns? And I’ll give you hundreds of examples where gun laws are being reduced. In the state of Kansas they just enacted a gun provision where you don’t have to even have a back ground check and children have the right to carry. This Easter some guy’s gun went off in his pants while he was kneeling scarying the daylights out of other church members. Once again, this fear tactic (they’re coming to take away our guns) is just making it so more children are getting their hands on guns. So be it. I don’t believe there is one piece of legislation pending that says they’re going to take away your guns. I saw nothing in your blog saying ‘well regulated’ militia. But I guess let the children carry guns.

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