Jerome Jewel


Sandy and I had to get her Jeep in the shop for a re-call issue yesterday. I followed her into Cottonwood, Arizona, and we dropped her car off and then headed for Jerome for lunch. We usually eat at The Haunted Hamburger, but there was a line out the door. That was OK, we wanted to try something new, so we walked back down to the main drag and started looking for a new place to eat.


Wifey picked a new Mexican restaurant and we entered a brightly colored delight decorated with skulls and skeleton people adorning walls and furniture. Perfect – we have a similar collection at home. Sandy order a fantastic salad and I picked out the Americano hamburger.


This shot does not do the food justice…besides sandy had already eaten the sour cream and avocado off the top of her salad before I had a chance to take a picture. Taste? Fantastic! Better than the Haunted Hamburger by a mile. If you are ever traveling northern Arizona, I recommend a visit to Jerome and the Vaquero Grill & Cantina.

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