Murder Mystery Writer’s Creed


I will make you do the following while reading my books:

You will turn the pages like a wild banshee.

You and only you will know who the perp is from the very beginning.

You will hate the bad guys (or girls) with a vengeance.

You will pray for an early demise of the perp, but alas, it will not come until the end.

You will not put the book down except for the bare essentials.

You will expound verbally what a sick puppy the author must be (I take that as a compliment).

After reading the first book, you will clamor for the next two books in the trilogy.

Had you bought all three to begin with, you would have saved money and anxiety.

You will read these books more than once in the first month.

If you read these books at night, you will have a .38 Special handgun under your pillow.

If you do not live in Arizona where the books are set, you will never visit.

If you do live in Arizona, you will never explore an old mine shaft.

You will thank God that we have the technology that law enforcement did not have in 1968.

When you are finished reading these books, you will think they are nonfiction when in fact they are total fiction.

You will Google the “Tucson Citizen” newspaper looking for these cases in it’s morgue files –you will not find them.

Write on,



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