Every surface I look at reveals faces, animals and creatures unknown to me. Sometimes they are angelic, whiles others are grotesque and scary. If I look long enough, they sometimes seem to be animated and this does scare me a little – it is like looking into another universe.

I have studied much about parallel universes and the jury is still out on that concept. When I manage to go into a trance state and I start to see things in the designs of flooring, walls and most surfaces…I wonder about the possibility that I am looking into the future.

I am not always receptive to these visions, which can be a blessing. Some days enough is enough and I welcome the relief. Even though I know the human mind is prone to causing faces and creatures to appear where none exist (look at clouds), mine look real…right down to color, shading and movement.

I sometimes wonder if there is a more tangible explanation to my visions. Science teaches us that everything in the universe is made of the same stuff as we are. That stuff is atoms and atoms communicate with each other in the quantum universe without worry about time and space. Their communication is instant from one end of the cosmos to the other.

Could my visions be atoms forming visual effects because they are what constitute everything in the past, present and future? Are there others who see these manifestations caused by atoms moving to and fro in our universe? Could atoms be the face of God?

To some, I might appear as crazy or demented, but I really don’t care what others think. It’s my universe – stay in your own.

I’m just saying,





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  1. This is real and interesting. I am one who sees these animations. Infact, my first novel came from these very such visions. I sketched what I saw in the paneling of my father’s south wall. I was just relaxing and thinking and viola, my story came to life and was written fully in five months time. Awesome observation of our realm of realities.

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