Plagiarizing Ass-Wipe


Well, it finally happened; my blog “” has been hacked. Someone is using it and all my blogs in a pay-for-letter scam and it works like this…if you want a cool blog idea, send me money and I will send you a great idea in a letter. How do I know this? I get all the responses on my blog comments page, that’s how – even complaints when someone doesn’t get a letter after paying for it. Talk about plagiarism – this one takes the cake.

I changed the password, but, alas, the scam was still there. I thought about nuking the whole site, but after all the work I put into it and all the years that I have been using it…I just couldn’t do it. I did change the title of my blog from to “” The password has been changed yet again and my fingers are crossed big time.

I don’t blame WordPress because the site is free and I am cheap. They have been trying for years to get me to upgrade and perhaps I will have to give in if this crap doesn’t stop. After all, I would like to make some money from my site before some plagiarizing ass-wipe beats me to it.

I’m just saying,




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