We all need rest and relaxation…some more than others. I have been retired since 2009 and this last two weeks vacationing in Quartzsite, Arizona, was the first time since retirement that I truly relaxed.

It was the very first time that I didn’t feel guilty, or worry about bills and such. Yes, even in retirement, you still have to pay bills. I lounged around and watched football on TV and wifey and I watched soaps, Kelly and Michael, Ellen and NCIS.

We invested in a portable dome satellite receiver for Direct TV. No matter where we travel…we will have television. You set the thing outside on the ground, plug it into your RV television port and any cigarette lighter receptacle and wallah – you can hear the dome searching for the signal. As soon as you have found it, unplug the 12 volt power source and you have Direct TV for the duration!

We sold our motor home to our daughter and downsized to a small travel trailer with a large slide-out. It is very comfortable and my Toyota Tundra pulls it with ease. It is much easier to set up and once done…the truck is free to take us exploring or shopping. Trust me when I say Quartzsite is a shopping Mecca.

I do admit that our king bed was heaven last night after we got home and the house seemed really, really big. Today the trailer needs to be cleaned and stored for our next adventure. I am starting to understand why some people are buying tiny houses and downsizing big time. How big a house does a retired couple need anyway?

I’m just saying,




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