Spanking the Bull


Wow, New Years Eve Day!  It’s been a long year and if you are like me, you can’t wait to let loose and party a little. Just the fact the stock market is at a record level and the super recession seems to be in the past is reason enough to “light it up” New Years Eve.  There is only one downside – when you grab the bull by its horns, you may not like the ride and 2015 could be your worst year ever.

Family, friends and neighbors, please use common sense today and tonight.  If you are buzzed, you are looking the DUI bull right in the eyes.  The bull will gore you given half a chance and you can kiss your freedom, driver’s license, job and friends goodbye.  That is your best case scenario – worst case is that you kill someone with your car.  Adios muchacha…you are history!  I hope you like being married to a big guy named Bubba.

John Wayne said: “Life is hard…it’s harder if you are stupid.”  Be smart this New Years – spank the bull by using all the available free transportation to get home safe and free.

I’m just saying,



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