Elvis Was Tame


I guess the big question still looming in the horizon is if the music and video games kids are listening to and playing these days leaves an impression on their subconscious minds? I don’t think it is a stupid question because the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.

I remember when Elvis Presley came on the scene and parents were up in arms because of the sexuality in his onstage moves. He was the devil incarnate to the Bible thumpers and even worse to J. Edgar Hoover, but the press couldn’t get enough and neither could the girls.

Looking back at the young Elvis years, I realize that there was something innocent about the man and his music. The songs were about love, peace and the American way. This trend went right on through the ‘80s up until the electronic age. The innocence disappeared about the time gangster rap, computers and war videos hit the scene – Pong turned into killing by the hands of adolescent kids.

The appearance of nasty and vicious music advocating the killing of policemen was disturbing to say the least. Also, the realism of video games showing death and destruction was uncanny. So was the concept of the ability to resume playing after you were killed with just the click of a mouse. Death was no longer real…only the killing of one’s enemies seemed real. The selection of weapons to accomplish the deed is far more superior than today’s modern weaponry used by the military.

Another aspect is multiple players which also includes Internet games played by hundreds of multiple players worldwide simultaneously. The realism now mimics the natural world…you can hardly tell that it is just a game. Therein lies the problem – it becomes real, but with no consequences for the mayhem and murder perpetrated on the enemy.

It doesn’t take a psychologist to figure out that listening to extremely loud and violent music while driving around thinking it is cool and playing hours, upon hours of mind numbing video games that not only excuses killing, but glorifies it, must have an impact on young minds. How could it not? What is even more disturbing is the age of the video players. I can’t imagine a five-year old launching a murderous attack on another human being, but it happens all the time in the video game world.

One would think it would come down to parenting, but alas; the parents also were raised on the same thing and now join in with their children because the realism has improved so much as to fascinate anyone who dares to enter the video-game world. We are way past “nipping it in the bud;” violent music and video games are main stream with no end in sight.

There is one possible positive out of the whole situation. At least now our kids are taught at an early age that the world is a very tough and dangerous place to live. Unlike my generation, the rose-colored glasses are off and seeing the real world is forearmed to face it and survive. We are not going to change what is…perhaps it is enough to look past the obvious and hope our children are a lot smarter than we were at their age.

Hope springs eternal in the minds of us ancient ones who hardly grasp the new space-age world we live in. It is enough to know that humankind has the ability to destroy itself many times over, but at the same time show compassion and love to all creatures of Earth. We are a complex species filled with wonder and imagination beyond all others on this planet. We have no choice but to hand the reins over to the younger generation. I just hope they take care of the Earth better than we did.

I’m just saying,





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