Viral Flu…enough for everyone!


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Whoever invented the viral flu should be imprisoned for life. Personally, I have never experience the viral type of flu before, at least up to now…I guess you could call us pros now. My wife contracted it about a week and a half ago and a couple of days later, (Pow!) I got it. If we had gotten it at the same time, we both would be lying dead in our bed because we would have been unable to help each other through the roughest two days.

I did manage to have a more severe case; probably because I am older and don’t think much about taking care of myself. Example: It could be 28 degrees outside and I will go out in jeans, tennis shoes and a T-shirt. The truth is, had I not been forced by my much better half to go to the ER Christmas Eve, I might not have been here to see Christmas Day….and I wonder why she shakes her head at me so much. Duh?

I did manage to Google viral flu today and get a lesson on what has been, and can be again, a serious pandemic throughout the world. I get it now – it can take you out without so much as a “howdy do.” I am reminded of the movie Aliens and I think the flu bugs are just as bad as Ripley’s critters.

I am not here to tell you that I am going to change as an adult male – what I will tell you is that from now on I will be washing my hands with soap every five minutes or so and when away from home, antiseptic hand wash will be my constant companion. Keeping a five-foot distance from all other human beings is also a good idea. Of course none of this will keep you from the flu…if it wants you, it will get you. One word of advice; drink water like it is going out of style. Dehydration was my biggest problem because nothing tasted good, not even water.

In spite of everything, this Christmas was special because of my wife and her unselfish desire to help me through the storm and the total love we both felt for each other and our fellow man. It was a Christmas like no other and one we will never forget.

I’m just saying,



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