Holiday Spirit

imagesCARSI88LOK, a lot of the world sucks – some children are hungry and some families are without shelter. Young men and women are dying because of wars and some elderly folks are being mistreated in nursing homes. The list is endless and there is much wrong with our planet. I pray each day for improvement and contribute my time and money when I can, but, what of the Holiday Spirit? Bah humbug you say? I say, take your bah humbug and stuff it where the sun don’t shine.

Let us be joyous and shout out praise from the rooftops for all the things that are right about the world instead of everything we perceive wrong. Every human being on this planet has the capacity to love and I pray to my God that it be so. I, for one, am not going to let darkness envelop the loving light of the Holiday Spirit.

I am lighting one candle, December 25, for peace, love and goodwill on planet earth. Will you not join me? Just think of it – millions of candles shining as one on that special day. It makes no difference your religious or political preference. All that matters is that your heart is filled with love and gratitude for all your blessing for there are many.

Like you, I am pissed about many things happening on our planet…that is why I am warming up the spirit of the holidays now so that when that day comes my heart will be filled with joy as I watch my candle flicker and light the world.

I’m just saying,



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