I Plead the Fifth


Someone recently asked me how I came up with the plots for my murder mysteries. I admit to having to think a moment about the question – how indeed? Edgar Allen Poe came to mind because I read everything he wrote when I was a young man. I was intrigued with his writing style and his ability to scare the pants off me.


Joseph Wambaugh also came to mind…especially his book “The Onion Field.” The idea of an ex-cop writing about his experiences fascinated me. I was also raised in California and the locations were familiar which gave the book validity in my mind’s eye.










Stephen King’s early works also made an impression. “Fire Starter” and “Carrie” were my favorites and I even enjoyed the movie adaptations. Most times movies do not do the books justice, but these were exceptions. I got bored with his later books because they (in my opinion) became too lengthy. I don’t buy books by the pound.











Of course, Anne Rice is close to the top of the list. Her vampire trilogy enthralled me no end. I remember reading “Interview with the Vampire” umpteen times with anticipation each and every time. The movie adaptations to “Vampire” and “Queen of the Damned” were not so hot. I could never accept Tom Cruise as Lestat, not even for one minute. Anne Rice taught me how to put the reader in the scene even if they didn’t want to be.

But I wander….

The truth be known, I really don’t know how or where my ideas come from. Perhaps when you write about dark subjects, the secret of their origins might be better off kept in even a darker place. Therefore, I must plead the fifth.

Write on,



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