The Pendulum



I have learned a thing or two in my 71 years on this planet – maybe even three. One thing I learned is written in stone. When government goes too far left or right, the people (through the voting process) speak and the pendulum starts to swing the other way.

The people spoke yesterday and red states popped up everywhere. The Republicans now control both houses of Congress. This election is not going to end corruption and graft, but it is going to force the current President to get out his veto pen and make it possible for us (the people) to see his true colors. While Congress starts passing bills, the Oval Office will start vetoing those bills because they will be aimed at weakening the power of the President.

The office of the President of the United States of America (by virtue of the Constitution) does not pass laws – period. It is the responsibility of Congress to pass laws. The power of the veto and executive order have long been abused by both parties, but this President has gone over the top of abuse of power along with this Administration – even to the point of lawlessness. I still smart over the abuse President Richard Nixon perpetrated on us and the pardon by President Gerald Ford.

Our forefathers knew the dangers of big government, but had no clue of the dangers of huge, uncontrolled government. How could they? No one envisioned the world of today back then. We are truly at a crossroad now and returning to our Constitution is the only road back to sanity. “We the people,” not the government, must be in control of our lives. Government can no more govern morality than the man in the moon. All you have to do is look at the immorality in Washington D.C. to see that. “One nation under God” is just as important now as in the 13 original colonies 200 years ago.

The Golden Rule is the mantra we should all live by and saying the original Pledge of Allegiance to our flag in school like I did when I was young gives our children a chance to be proud of America. Bowing down to special interest groups is not democratic, it is socialism and socialism has no place in America!

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