The Real Triumph

imagesCACUHBKE“When you finish a draft of a poem or a short story or a novel, make sure you go out and celebrate all night long because if the world notices or not, whether you get it published or not, you did something most people never do: You started, stuck with and finished a creative work. And that is a triumph” Andre Dubis III

I do find solace in the above quote. My fellow writers, we have indeed triumphed and I am proud of each and every one of us. We have gone forth and sown our creative seed upon the land – whether it grows or not is really not up to us no matter how hard we try. It is up to the powers that be in the publishing world. They are indeed illusive creatures who hide in the shadows and come into the light rarely to snatch a book from an unsuspecting newbie author and make them famous.

No matter how rare…as long as there is a chance of discovery, I am sure we will continue to flaunt our wares on social media, book signings and even street corners, hoping for that one break that will make us “bestselling” authors. What a sublime dream and wish – I didn’t get that new Harley last Christmas either. Oh, well, one can still hope.

I’m just saying,




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