OK, just one more book signing!

imagesCARSI88LI have decided to do a book signing in Fresno, California, Saturday, November 22, at Barnes and Noble. I don’t have the best history with book signings. There is no doubt that they are critical to being successful as an author, but if you have ever had a few that were total duds, you know why I dislike them so. I know – don’t take it personally. Well, I do and that is just the way it is. I also take criticism of my writing personal; so sue me.

I managed to write a murder mystery trilogy (Evil in the Mirror, Day Stalker and The Phoenix Code) with very little success. So now I pretend I am a published author with a vast following and act accordingly. I tire of pretending on Facebook, Twitter and all the rest of the sites in “dreamland” that amount to squat in the reality of making it in the industry. Instead, I ride my Harley and spend time with my family. Now there is something that is as real as it gets.

Oh, I do have some loyal fans that went ga-ga over the books, but I fear they are as sick as I and love real murder mysteries without fluff and pages stuffed with fillers that put you to sleep. Book signings, for the most part, are filled with the lovers of vampires with sparkles or romance that only happen in romance novels. I had one of my books rejected by a publicist because it was one page short of the minimum. No, I won’t stuff an extra page in the book for anyone for any reason. What you see is what you get. Are we buying books by the pound now?

I am also going to Fresno to visit old high school chums that I haven’t seen for ages. The signing is in the middle of the state which enables my friends from Escondido to the northern gold country to make it to the signing. Seeing them is worth the trip no matter how the book signing goes.

I’m just saying,




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