I Have a Plan


I am going to take a stand against President Obama in spite of some family and friends who are lefties and cannot stand any criticism of not only the president, but most of Congress to boot. You can stick a glass eye in a monkey’s ear and see that our government is broken from top to bottom. It is obvious that our president will not take responsibility for his administration. When is enough, enough?

The sign that I am making simply says: “Honk if you want President Obama impeached along with his cronies.” Taking the sign and standing on the busiest street corner in Camp Verde will be my next move. A friend is going to be there with a video cam and we shall see what we shall see. Posting the video on Facebook and Youtube will be a pleasure…I will either be a hero or a dogs butt. Having been both in my life will illustrate that nobody will be getting a virgin – bring it on.

One person can make a difference and it’s time to quit complaining, quit worry about who you offend and quit being a couch patriot. I want our country back – vote the mid-terms in November!

Write on,




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