Motor Home Trash

Picture this; a motor home sitting in Quartzsite, Arizona, for three years of brutal summers. While it was parked under a carport, the wheels covered and started at least once every two months, the poor thing still took a licking and kept on ticking.

Q Nov. 2011 010

I had jacked it up, built steps and a landing with hand rails and added appropriate decorations for any self-respecting RV enthusiast. It made a perfect park model on our lot and we were able to enjoy it for a couple of weeks in the winter. We had always hoped to be able to stay on our little homestead down there for four months each winter, but alas that was not to be. Mother-in-law lives close by in Camp Verde and at 87 she really needs us now. We put the lot up for sale and I drove the Monaco home even with tire side walls that had cracks wide enough to house a tribe of pack rats.

January Quartzsite 002

The idea was to let our daughter rent the motor home for a place to live so she would be able to go RVing on her days off from work. She served with distinction in the Navy (finishing her tour with a hitch in Iraq); she also completed her college degree and has a decent job with benefits. How could we do any less? All she talked about was being able to have a motor home. She could just go to local parks until she learned how to handle the 36’ land yacht. Then she could go see the national parks in America – after all, even though she toured the world while in the Navy, she has never been to all the great parks in her own country.

Getting ready to pull the motor home out so the daughter can carry the torch.

Getting ready to pull the motor home out so that Daughter can carry the torch.

Somehow wifey and I manage to get to Camp Verde without blowing a tire and we started the long journey of motor home repairs. New tires were put on and all the mechanical systems were checked and fixed as needed. Great, Daughter has the motor home and that is when the real troubles began.


The first call was that the coach batteries needed replacing. Since we had already spent our retirement on the darn thing, Daughter’s dad (I speak to you in the third person because I am pretty mad at her dad now for being so very stupid) thinks he knows how to save money by installing the batteries himself. Not only did I install the stupid things wrong, I bought 12 volt instead of 6 volt batteries. The second call came when Daughter explained that all the electrical systems in the coach were going crazy. It came to me in a flash (pun intended)!

Nissa when Navy police

This time the severely crippled Monaco had to go back to the shop. $600.00 later, we picked it up and delivered it back to Daughter. Now all is well – NOT! The third call came this morning and the generator won’t work, the slide is stuck and life sucks. She did manage to get the slide back in and I asked her to call the repair shop and set up yet another appointment.

Wifey and I will pick it up for what we hope is the last time for the journey back to the RV repair shop where the owner is now planning a vacation to Hawaii on our dime. There is always a silver lining…just not in our pockets!

Arcosanti 018

Now daughter has moved on to Prescott, Arizona, and has her dream job at the Veterans Administration. Great benefits and she can now retire using her 13 years service time. She is still living in the motor home and has remodeled the old girl up to the Ts. I did hear a rumor that I need to send a repair guy out to fix the slide. According to daughter – the motor is about ready to fall out. Oh, what the hell…lets repair it yet again.

Thank God she is done with the Navy...the true side can come out!

Thank God she is done with the Navy…now her true side can come out!

Can you tell we love our daughter?

Indeed we do,




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