Oldie, but Goodie

Offended? – Too Bad!


The world we live in today is a far cry from 50 years ago when offending people really meant something. Now-a-days, people are offended at just about everything under the sun. We Americans used to have a much tougher skin and it took something of substance to get under it.


1964 brings back one defining moment in our history. It was called “The Great Society” and the concept sounded good on paper, but in reality, it was and still is, a pipe dream. Providing for all our citizens without work in return doesn’t make sense no matter political party affiliate, social status, race, creed, religion or any other human condition. There was no free lunch then – nor should there be one now.


If we can get down off our egotistical high horses for a moment and look at the natural world, which has been in harmony (until our intervention) on this planet for billions of years, we would understand that earning a living is practiced by every species on Earth. It is the fundamental building block of nature as we know it. To say that the human species does not have to earn a living on this planet is to say we are not part of the natural world. I think we prove we are not in harmony with nature every single day by not treating Mother Earth with kindness and respect.


We keep searching for alien life elsewhere in the universe to prove we are not alone. I bet if we were monkeys living in trees, we would recognize the aliens as us. We are the most destructive species on Earth and if we cannot learn to step in harmony with nature we will be short-lived in ecological time. If we continue to be a cancerous organism, Mother Earth will become our chemotherapy.


As to why we insist on defecating in our own lairs is beyond me. I just know that the human garbage keeps piling up on the land and sea at levels that should scare the hell out of every one of us. It is so senseless that it defies logic when the solution of recycling is obvious and doable with resolve.


Is there hope for humanity? I believe there still is providing we start working together as a world body as opposed to not working together as selfish, self-serving states without regard for future generations. This is not a matter of good vs. evil; it is a matter of self-preservation as a species. It is not a matter of sharing resources; it is a matter of preserving resources so that there is something to share in the first place. Starvation doesn’t care who is good or bad; it kills indiscriminately!


I resolve to write about our condition even if just one person (me) reads it. At least I am doing something positive about the mess we find ourselves living in. I can’t change some people’s greedy, self-serving, holier than thou behaviors. I can only remind the class of people I refer to that there will be no safe haven…even for the most wealthy – that is, unless you really think your greed will set you free. Not!

I’m just saying,




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