Writing Clubs up the Kazoo


 My password file now looks like a phone book – it is no wonder I end up using the same password for everything. I love to write, but spending hour upon hour making comments on sites that then publish all the comments of member writers is beyond me. Oh, I know…we are supposed to learn how to become successful through comments of all the writers who themselves are not successful.

Here is a good one and I quote: “I have spent twelve years publishing my own work; therefore, I am an expert on self-publishing.” Bravo lady, too bad you are no more successful now than the day you published your first novel. I do not mean to be cruel, but when writing a blog about POD publishers, proofers/editors and publicists for hire…cruel seems like the perfect adjective.

The publishing game is fraught with money grubbers, thieves and liars. We authors live in a giant Hollywood of want-to-be celebrities who have the success rate of someone jumping out of a perfectly good airplane without a parachute. I too have some advice for the new author; don’t quit your day job – ever!

Here is another point of contention. I recently went to an invitation only book signing sponsored by our local library. The guest speaker was someone I had never heard of, but he put on the air of superior status in the writing world. I was under the impression that we could display our work to the reading public for them to purchase, but it turned out that the only public to show up was other writers seeking to learn the Holy Grail of success. Have you ever tried to sell a book to a fellow author? It is indeed a rare occurrence; we sell books to avid readers who love a specific genre. I must admit to saddling up and leaving the festivities while one woman jeered at me like we were living in North Korea and had no right to leave. I am sure I will not be invited next year – life sometimes can be good.

I personally prefer to sell books in bars. Snobs and everyday folks have a few drinks and everyone becomes equal. You would be surprised at the amount of money avid readers can come up with and still have enough money to buy booze. When book sales are brisk, I buy a round and now I have achieved God-like status. I then have to go out to the truck to retrieve yet more books to sell. One word of advice though…do not join in the drinking or you will end up spending all your profits buying rounds for the house. Another good thing about selling books in bars is that most of the patrons love a good murder mystery.

Write on,





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