Looking For the Devil

“Surely, if you look in the right places, you will find the Devil.”

I find myself compelled to write this piece even though I personally do not believe in the Devil or Hell. The flesh and blood domains of heaven and hell are man’s invention with the sole purpose of controlling the populace. This tactic has been used by politicians and religious leaders since the beginning of history.

A great man once said, “The kingdom of God is within you.” So then, in my thinking, it is also true with the kingdom of the Devil. The only power God or Satan have is what we give them. The only Heaven or Hell we go to is the one we choose. The choice is not made before we are born, nor is it made after we leave the planet. We are making the choice every day we are alive.

We are both human and spirit from the minute we are born – no wonder we are in constant conflict with right or wrong. We are cast naked upon Earth where it is dog eat dog and always a challenge to stay alive. We see the light of Devine Love when doing right to others whether human or animal. We experience only total darkness when we treat any creature on the planet badly.

To me, Hell is total darkness without any light from Devine Love. We all need love, understanding and protection. None of these things are available in the darkness of our own doing. Every time you do a kindness with no alterative motives, the light of Love permeates your heart. Likewise when you malign and hurt someone, your spiritual light begins to fade. A lifetime of hate, maligning others and cruelty guarantees a season of darkness. The season can last forever and a day.

I do not judge…I only worry about those who are going down the road into unparalleled darkness. I wish for them the wonderful understanding, love and protection you receive from the light of Devine Love. We indeed reap what we sow – reverse your direction and join those of us who forgive ourselves for all our transgressions and those who transgress against us. Be kind to yourself and begin to see the real you in the mirror instead of the dark creature you have created.

I’m just saying,



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  1. How can you say you don’t judge when you blocked me on Facebook after I blocked Nancy Bradley because she was being too judgmental on me? She was being too bossy. And I didn’t like her personality. But I wasn’t friends with her like I was with you. I do believe I have two signed copies of your books in my bookshelf. Not everybody is worthy of that. I have only cool books. And you never granted me amnesty. When I block people I go into every New Year and grant most amnesty. That’s called forgiveness and being non judgmental. Sorry, but everyone judges.

  2. Beautiful, I was just thinking about this concept and applying it to my own life. Thanks for the precious words of wisdom.

  3. Beautiful. I was just thinking about this concept and how I can apply it to my everyday life. Thanks for the empowering words of wisdom.

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