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Facebook Addict“Let’s cut to the chase about blogging – it is tedious and demanding work. You can’t please everyone and on some days you cannot even please yourself.” Mitt Winstead…2014

When writing my first book, Evil in the Mirror, in 2009, my publisher recommended that I set up a Web page, Blog site and join Facebook and Twitter. It will be easy, they said…you will love it, they said…it is the key to success, they said.

Three books and over a thousand blogs later, I can measure financial success in a thimble. Oh, the ego was inflated each time a new book was published, but deflated with the statistics from Amazon. I do like seeing the book covers in vinyl on the tailgate of my truck and my name as the author, but that and $1.40 will get me a cup of Joe.

Please don’t get me wrong; being a published author is indeed something to be proud of, but I had my heart set on going to a cocktail party with Anne Rice and her poet husband.


Never once did I entertain the thought of going anywhere with Stephen King…he creeps me out.


While both authors’ work impressed me, Anne Rice wins hands down in my book (no pun intended). She has the ability to weave a tapestry of wonderful characters and drag you into the scene while the reader is screaming and clawing to get out but can’t. I could always put Stephen down…unlike a Rice book.

Of course books are subjective, inasmuch as it is always a matter of personal preference. Some have called me a “sick puppy,” while others claim I am a genius. That is OK, just as long as I someday become a Best Seller. Even that does not guarantee financial success. I have no doubt that my trilogy will be selected to be made into movies with a famous director the same day I leave the planet.


I fantasize that, even though 100 years old…Clint Eastwood with be that director.

Write on,



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