Dear God,


I know how busy you are and I don’t want to bug you, but there are just a few things down here on planet Earth in which we could use your help. While Earth has always been a struggle to survive for all its inhabitants, it seems that the human species is particularly hell bent on destruction of not only the species, but all of planet Earth to boot.

Is it possible that in 2014 you could intervene and stop the madness? It is obvious that there is no one here capable of the task – only divine intervention can save us now. I don’t presume to tell you how to work your miracles, but it seems to me that if you were to abolish greed, arrogance, self-centeredness, spite and hatred, we could do much better in cleaning up our messes which are killing Mother Earth and man’s inhumanity against not only man, but every creature that gets in our way.

Yes, I know we have polluted every square inch of the land, sea and air, but there are still good and decent people here who deserve a second chance. Perhaps you could simply make the bad guys go away so that the rest of us could start the healing process.

Did I just hear you correctly, God? You think we should all perish just to make sure the planet survives? You think we are a failed species destined to go extinct? I don’t want to argue with you, Lord, but you are perfect and you made us in your image and likeness…therefore you could have not created something which is not perfect. Besides, if we were not here, your Devine Love would go unexpressed.

Great, thank you for changing your mind, God. I look forward to a better future for our species with love, abundance and happiness forever.

Write on,



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