We The People


These were dark years for the United States of America. The population was outgunned, outmanned and under constant siege from not only the enemy, but also the elements. It was not uncommon for men, women and children to freeze and/or starve to death because of the lack of supplies. It seemed the whole world was against Americans winning freedom from the oppression that surrounded them.

The concept of the people governing themselves was alien to the oppressors. The freedom of religion and speech was ignored. Taxation without representation was rampant and only the very wealthy were exempt. Most good land was owned by the wealthy and the majority of everyday citizens were jammed into cities and kept under the thumb of the ruling government.

The only choice for average Americans was to revolt with whatever weapons and supplies they could muster. Men and women fought bravely together, with children reloading weapons and dealing the best they could with medical treatment for the wounded regardless of unsanitary conditions, lack of medical knowledge and low supplies. Like their fathers and mothers, the children were brave beyond their years because failure was not an option.

The only saving grace during this horrible war was that the populace outnumbered the oppressors 300 to one. With these odds the people finally took back their country with blood, sweat and tears. The politicians were defeated and scattered to the four winds. Without the military switching their allegiance from the corrupt government to the people, victory would not have been assured.

The Constitution was reinstated and America became whole again…with liberty and justice for all. When Congress reconvened in 2020, it was the people who determined who would run the government from that point on with term limits of only four years. Special interest groups were outlawed, as were pork programs and the like. Deficit spending would be a thing of the past and the national debt would be eliminated. Everyone in the United States shared the same healthcare and social security programs and all were taxed at the same flat rate regardless of income. The government would no longer be allowed to throw money at problems with the hope that they would go away.

Welfare programs were only for those who could not work – most others worked in the private sector. Those who had been on government handouts were put to work in government programs designed to keep America working. With this government workforce, the infrastructure of our nation would be brought up to par within five years.

Government work would no longer be a preferred vocation and the private sector would again become the economic powerhouse it once was before the advent of huge government in 1964. Without the outlandish government perks which only government employees enjoyed, there would now be a surge of wealth into the middle-class. The American dream of owning a home would be fulfilled again using money loaned from banks which now understood the importance of responsible lending. Because of these fundamental changes to America, foreign investment would start to flow again and trade balances would be much more equitable.

The United States of America again stood for hard work, decency, fairness with one nation under God. The pledge of allegiance was again heard in schools, at athletic events and even in the Capitol. Our nation returned to “Of the people, For the People and By the People” and “God” was returned to our land as “One nation, under God with Liberty and Justice for all.”

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