Friday, Friday…How I Miss Friday


I miss Friday – it used to be the magic day before the weekend. It was the only day I really liked going to work because the weekend was close at hand and I knew I would be riding my Harley into the sunrise soon for two whole days.

When I retired from construction and became a full-time author, things changed dramatically. Weekdays became jumbled; Monday seemed like Saturday and Saturday seemed like Thursday.

Everything became dreamlike while my brain became numb from writing about murder plots, sub-plots and characters who became me and I them. Within just a few short years I lost Friday and it was never to be seen by the eyes of this author again.

Now I think it is a sad commentary because we all can’t wait to retire, but when we do…it might not be what we expected. Keep this in mind when you contemplate retirement, you too may lose Friday. Is it really worth it?

I’m just saying,





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