Now I Have Done It

Q Nov. 2011 008

UPS just delivered 300 “Evil in the Mirror” trilogy books at my doorstep – in essence this means that I will have to get off by booty and sell, sell, sell.

No more blogs about how to, why to or need to. Now I must do it or fade into obscurity surrounded by hundreds of musty murder mystery books. You will be able to find me in my library smoking a $2.00 cigar while crying in my cheap Buckhorn beer. I hate cigars and warm Buckhorn beer is like drinking moose pee.

In order to avoid a dismal end like the one described above, I intend to knock on every door and visit every place that a murder mystery reader might haunt regardless of the hour. No place will be too seedy or swanky…I will enter therein with my head held high, pen ready to sign books until my hand cramps – at which point I will bind said hand and pen together with duct tape and carry on.

I am not above pleading and begging on bended knee with a sad and forlorn look on my mug while dressed in shorts, tennis shoes and a Harley T-shirt. Who could resist? I also have a supply of neat Harley-Davidson T-shirts for sale too, just in case.

Yes, my sales plan is in place and I am raring to go forth into the wild and sell until the cows come home. Oh, did I mention that if you buy all three books (“Evil in the Mirror, Day Stalker and The Phoenix Code”) I will cut you a deal on the price and give you a FREE “Why I Love Harleys” travel book? And, if you act now…you will also receive a FREE “Mitt Spoken Here” self-help book! This book you will need if you ever plan to retreat from my hard-core sales pitch.

I’m just saying,



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