Movie Deal


Are any of our books good enough to be made into a movie? Let’s face it, most new authors dream of writing the screen play (or at least collaborating) for their book while being kept in style in Hollywood until the movie is made. A good example would be Anne Rice and her book, Interview with the Vampire.

My publisher, Wheatmark, Inc. (Tucson, Arizona), is putting on a Webinar tomorrow concerning how this dream can be a reality. While the program is by invitation only, I plan to take notes and then write a blog about the contents. Who knows, maybe one of my blog followers may catch a break from Hollywood – maybe I can catch a break too!

I truly believe we have a better chance at the Hollywood connection than we ever had with a traditional publisher. At least the movie moguls are looking for good scripts and movie plots. Many of the movies produced today utilize unknown author’s books that meet the muster. They do it because the known authors want a fortune, while the newbie will kiss the producers arse in the middle of Hollywood and Vine. I know I would….

I’m just saying,



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