Mushroom Anyone?


Our serviceman and woman only get one half of their pay when they retire after twenty years of service. Considering how little they make, there will not be a big check in the mail. As far as healthcare goes, these heroes will be going to a VA hospital where they will receive marginal care. The only real perk our heroes receive is the gift of life if they are the lucky ones.

Our Congressional leaders receive full retirement after only one term. Since they make a salary that soldiers (and most civilians) would kill for, their retirement checks will be fat like the pork projects they worked hard to get for the lobbyist who have our politicians in their pockets. Our elected leaders will have lifetime healthcare provided that you and I can only dream about and it’s free! The list of perks is endless, especially compared to the soldiers that risk their lives for our freedom.

I only know one thing – it’s time to clean house in Congress. The November elections must send a strong message that we are not going to take this crap any longer! Have we become mushrooms that live in the dark with only mush for brains or are we the same caliber of people who fought off the British in 1776 to end government tyranny that included the same greed that we now see in today’s government?

Unless you are ready and willing to die for your country and the Constitution that made us great, do not bother reading this blog. As a mushroom, you are not capable of doing the right thing at the polls or anything else that freedom might require. “There is no free lunch” and the Americans I know wouldn’t accept one on a golden platter!

I’m just saying,



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